The Company

Now based in London, East Midlands & Yorkshire

Darpan Dance Company was established in 1998 by Chetna.  Darpan means a “reflection”.... for us music and dance transcends through a dancer's soul as a reflection.

Her aim is to provide a platform for aspiring talents, the young and young at heart, to receive structured training in various styles of dance.

Darpan Dance is a creative blend of classical and contemporary global dance themes, which we have integrated with the traditional Indian dance forms.  Darpan Dance at its core is an experimental and creative company.  Our goal is create dynamic and innovative choreography while instilling and preserving the passion and respect for the performing arts.

We strive to explore and share our expressions of the performing arts at various levels through education, discipline, technical training leading towards stage productions and numerous events.  Darpan Dance is dedicated in providing a positive learning environment combining fitness and fun!

With its credentials and strong roots Darpan Dance has become highly reputed dance company that offers a full array of training for everybody.


Whether you are five or sixty-five, we can change the phrases 

  “Got two left feet!  Can’t dance!”

to a more positive and confident claim of

  “Got rhythm!  Can dance!” 

Our aim is to make each student achieve beyond their goal of being the best dancer they can be!

Darpan Dance provides a creative channel within the performing arts for people of all abilities.

Let us bring out the talent in you!

Asha Bhonsle Concert Dallas, Texas