Corporate & Educational Events

We offer specialised performance packages for corporate and private company events.

These include:
    •  Promotional events 
    •  Product launch parties
    •  Team building events
    •  Inaugural & anniversary celebrations
    •  Christmas & New Years celebration parties
    •  Zumba parties 
  and more......
We can provide you with unique stage shows to propel your event.  Interactive programs specially designed and produced to cater to your requirements are our speciality.

                Make your event an extraordinary success!

 Fashion shows
We have choreographed themed fashion events with audio & visual presentations providing a three dimensional platform to showcase leading fusion designers.  If you want to jazz it up then why not contact us to discuss the endless possibilities.


We love to share the heritage of dance with the younger generation and to individuals wishing to explore the theoretical aspects of dance culture.  Our workshops expose the audience to the process of artistic collaboration and encourage them to broaden their vision and understanding of dance.  We have been invited by renowned educational establishments to present lectures, demonstrations and workshops in:
  • Lets D.A.N.C.E.
  • Dance Culture
  • The History of Dance
  • Evolution of dance "The past to the present"
  • Global Dance Trends
and much more...

If you wish to bring these curricular to your establishment then we are happy to accept invitations.

IBM team building Dallas, Texas
NetIP Charity Gala November 2009

University of Texas